Subway Sub of the Day

Oct - 08
Subway Sub of the Day

Subway Sub of the Day

Subway is a name which everyone is aware of if you love fast food. There are a lot of people who love the subway. There are many other fast food places everyone loves but subway has a special place in the heart of foodies.

Subway offer sub of the day which is quite famous all over the world, you will find an awesome recipe from them every day that too in a discounted price.

The sub of the day by subway was suspended as well for a few months but now it is back and people love it anyway.

Subway Sub of the Day
Subway Sub of the Day

The sub of the day by subway is offered in different flavors which makes it a great choice for everyone. These subs are available in the flavors of tomato, cucumber, cheese bread and lettuce on Italian herbs.

These flavors are some of the standard addition to the subway sub of the day and everyone has their own choices with it, they can surely change it as per their taste.

Now we are going to discuss the subway sub of the day from Monday to Sunday and how people love them.


Monday is the start of the week and brings onion and cheese in the subway special, it is often considered the most disappointing day for the subway lovers.

Many love the onion flavor but the addition of the cheese to it makes it a bit ineffective, removing the cheese from this sub of the day can increase its potential customers.

It is not rated well among the foodies but even then it is served that too at the start of the week.


The Tuesday sub of the day is mango chicken Tikka but some people are misled through the image which looks like the chunks of the chicken.

This sub of the day is a chicken infused paste which is applied over the bread and then spread all over it to make it tasty.

Some people think that this is not a great mix, the tikka on the bread and then to pluck is not a good option at all. Some people think that food safety and its regulations are also disturbed due to this sub of the day.


Well, here comes a good addition to the subway sub of the day which is the meat feast. The meatballs of the subway are a great texture for the food lovers. The spicy ham of the subway provides a great kick to the foodies.

There is the addition of the pepperoni as well but that seems a little unnecessary at times. However, meat is a good choice a loved sub of the day from the subway, nobody says no when they are getting more meat.


The Thursday at the Subway is known for the nacho chicken salsa for the sub of the day. The subway provides the best experience to the customers when it comes to taste and the cheese, the heating process at subway is also great which gives a great final product to the foodies.

The soft and the mushy heating of the chicken salsa make it one of the most important subs of the day from the subway.


Friday at subway is famous for the fiery tuna. This is good for those who are not going to their office the next day and are planning something busy for the next day.

The filling in it is applied as a paste but the overall taste of fiery tuna is great and everyone must try it.


The Saturday at subway brings your pepperoni pizza, the favorite of the fast-food lovers. People are excited about this sub and anxiously wait for the weekend.

Those who don’t like pizza find it a little boring as compared to the other combinations of the week but this is a great sub of the day.


The Sunday at subway brings you mega melt that too for the whole day. The egg available on Sunday is having a little rubbery texture which people don’t like often.

Bacon is also offered on the Sunday in the sub of the day which is also a good option and everyone should try it for sure.

Some of these subs are very important and loved by everyone and needs to be added in the permanent menu if you are looking for discounted food anywhere. All the subs are not great and you need to skip a few as well but surely everything cannot be as per your choice.

There are people with different tastes all over the world and they have to take care of them.

Popular restaurant all over the world

Subway is one of the most famous fast-food chains all over the world and it is known for serving a record number of sandwiches. As per the statistics they are offering 5,300 sandwiches to the customers in a minute. This is a big number which shows the trust of the people over their subs.

Endless opportunities

Subway provides endless opportunities to the customers. You have the option to choose whatever you like from the 38 million combinations which are offered on their menu. The menu has everything for the foodies and they would love to eat at subway and try their sub of the day.

They are consuming a lot of lettuce in their food, a tweet from subway stated that they are using 16 acres of the lettuce every day.

Aside from the sub of the day, there are many other deals at subway which needs the attention of the foodies due to the amazing taste offered by them.

Tuna sub

This is one of the most loved foods offered at subway. This is a regular sandwich by subway which is of 6 inches and comes with a serving size of 247grams.

It is one of the top favorite subs from the subway all around the world. This sub of the subway contains, 40.6gram of carb and 482 calories in it. There are 26.4g of proteins and the best thing about this sub is that it is 90% free from fat.

Chicken ham

This is another mouthwatering sub from the subway which is made from the chicken and ham. This is also available in the regular size of the 6 inches at subway.

The serving size of the chicken ham is 222 grams. This chicken ham is 98% free from fat and provides 27.5 gram of proteins, 38.2-gram cab, and 299 calories.

Even if you are diet conscious this is just a good addition to your menu.

Subway club

As the name suggests, this is a special sandwich by subway and is the top-selling sandwich of the brand all over the world. This is available in the regular size of the sandwiches which is 6 inches and is most popular due to the aficionados in the food.

The serving size for the subway club is 250 grams and it contains 39.9 carbs, 342 calories and 31 proteins in it. This is also 97% fat-free so you don’t need to worry about your health.

Veggie Delite

The name of this sub suggests that it is a healthy one. This is loved by the vegetarians as it is loaded with the vegetables. This is also available in the regular size of 6 inches with the serving size of 162 grams.

This is 99% fat-free and the best sub for the diet conscious people; it contains 15gram of proteins, 37 gram of carb and 230 calories in it.

Roasted chicken

The roasted chicken of the subway is yummy and a delicious sub. This is available in the regular size of 6 inches and the serving size for this sub is 232 grams. It provides 329 calories, 33 gram of proteins and 38gram of carb.

This is 98% free from fat and perfect from the persons looking for guilt-free eating at subway. Subway has a lot to offers to the foodies no matter you are vegetarians, chicken guy or someone worried about the fat, you will get the right food and combination.

Grilled chicken

Subway offers a special grilled chicken with the salad, good for those looking for a salad with the chicken. This sub from the subway is considered the healthiest salad in the fast-food restaurant.

It has only 2 gram of fat and offers 130 calories. This grilled chicken is loaded with the veggies and the regular serving size of this grilled chicken is 286grams.

Veggie patty

This is another vegetarian sub from the subway which is among the top sellers of the brand. The serving size of the veggie patty of the subway is 266 gram.

This is considered a healthy option because it has 62 carbs, 441 calories and 21 proteins in it. It is 95% free from the fat and offered in the regular size of 6 inches.

Chicken Seekh

This sub from the subway is inspired by the Indian food but the good thing of eating it at subway is that it is 94% free from fat. The rich taste of this sub provides an instant picnic to the mouth.

The serving size of this sandwich is 236 gram and it is also offered in the regular size of 6 inches. The breakdown of the chicken seekh shows that it has 28g proteins, 404 calories and 39 carbs in it.

Paneer tikka

This is another sub inspired by the Indian food and is available at Subway. This is for everyone who loves paneer or the overall Indian food. The good thing about it is that this is also a vegetarian sub.

It is offered in the regular size of 6 inches. The serving size of the paneer tikka is 236 grams. The breakdown of the paneer tikka shows that it has 505 calories in it, 25 g proteins and 40 carbs.

This is a vegetarian sub and 88% free from the fat.

Aloo patty

This sub contains aloo in it and also shows that aloo does not contribute to the fat of the body as it is generally believed. This is 96% free from the fat and contains 20 g proteins, 378 calories, and 52 carbs.

Soft drinks at subway

Subway offers healthy food for sure but many foodies think that the bigger size provides the better value but this is not true in all the cases.

If you are ordering regular soft drinks or the larger soft drinks, they are offering a lot of sugar which is not good for your health.

Sometimes these soft drinks or the refills you get add a lot to the sugar consumed during that meal. Make sure that you don’t drink soft drinks again and again as they are offering refills.

The reports suggest that the serving size for the soft drinks increased four times, which means we are consuming healthy food but the addition of the soft drinks is negating the healthy effect from the overall diet.

The rise in the serving size is also linked with some serious health issues, some reports suggest that the cases of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes also increased with the increase in the serving size of the soft drinks.

These cases are now reported among the children as well as they are also consuming soft drinks at fast food places.

Toxic biohazards

The problem of the soft drinks is linked with some other serious problems which need the attention of the foodies all over the world.

Bacteria are another serious risk for the health which grows quickly in the environment which is full of the sugar that too exposed to the open air.

The places like subway offer self-serve soda machines which make the perfect place for the bacteria to grow.

There are reports out there that the bacteria found on the surfaces of these fast food restraint is harmless but there is no truth in it. These bacteria are dangerous for everyone and create food poisoning which can lead to serious problems and people can die from it.

The self-serving places are considered the dirtiest places when it comes to fast-food restaurants and dirtiest that the toilets as well.

This unhealthy option can be reversed if we knew that it is better to eat water from the toilets than to drink the soda from these self-serving machines installed in most of the fast-food places including Subway.

Cleaning standards

The cleaning standards of the subway are better from all other restaurants and according to reports the staff uses harsh chemicals for the cleaning of the restaurant.

It is recommended not to visit it in the morning when they open up to these harsh cleaners used for the cleaning purpose.

The residue in these cleaners can get into your food like the sodas and coffee so don’t rush to these places in the morning. You will feel a change in the taste of the morning coffee due to the chemicals used in it.


Subway offers one of the best food to the people out their especially those who are conscious about their food. They will provide you the complete nutritional value of their subs to clear all your doubts about them.

Different combinations offered by subway shows the number of options you have at this fast-food giant. They make sure that the food offered is delicious and at the same time keeps you fit and healthy.

Watch out the nutritional value before you eat anything from the subway or any other place in the world. Select the foods which are fat-free because they will not affect your health.

When you look at the number of combinations offered at subway, you know that they are your choice; you can have what you like. Most of the other restaurants have fixed combinations and you don’t have much choice.

A subway is a great place for the diet conscious people as well, you are provided the food which is good for your health and fill your appetite, the lunch at subway is loved by everyone especially those working outside their homes.

Make sure that you try some of their foods and then leave your comments below about them.

Your say

You must have visited subway and all other famous places for the sandwiches in the world? Which fast-food giant are your preferences and what are the reasons for selecting it over the others?

Most of people love subway because of the combinations it offers to the foodies. Are you conscious about the nutritional value of the food? Do you check the nutritional value before eating anything?

If yes, then subway is a good choice for you as it offers a comprehensive nutritional value of all the things offered at their places.

Lastly, what do you think about the information which is provided above for the subway sub of the day, do share your views about the foods offered at subway and how do you think they can improve their food even more.