Subway Order Online

Feb - 18
Subway Order Online

Subway Order Online

You must have heard about subway food or even tried it as well. When it comes to fast food they are considered the leader in it.

They are also offering choices to the users to order food online from the subway food chains. We are going to discuss the subway order online and which all procedures are needed to order it online.

You don’t need to register online; you can directly order food from these franchises online. Anyone can visit the website and easily checkout from it as a guest as well after ordering food.

Perks of registrations

However, if you register on the platform, you can get different perks from these platforms. You can save your order as the favorite when you register for the platform and don’t need to follow the instructions when you order the food next time.

Subway Order Online
Subway Order Online

These features are provided to the users so that the order processing becomes good next time. When you register for these platforms, you can join the loyalty programs as well which have different benefits.

If you are a member of the loyalty program, you can get a reward for the purchase of a single dollar.

Registration is good because it keeps you informed about all the offers and the deals which are offered by them regularly to their customers.

However, if you want to use the application of the subway, you need to register for it. The application cannot be used as a guest.

How to register for subway orders?

Subway is one of the latest trends these days when we talk about fast food. As we explained above that the subway food is easy to order as a guest but you get additional perks when you register for it.

Visit the website and you will see the option of the login and register on it. You need to click on this button for registration.

When you are directed towards the registration page, enter your complete details and you are a member of the platform.

Subway is also offering physical sub cards to the users, if you have one, you can link it with your account. Linking your subway card is beneficial for the users.

You can always check online the balance of the subway card by visiting your profile. However, if you don’t have a subcard, they will provide you a virtual sub card for usage. The virtual card also has the same benefit as a physical subcard.

How to order?

Ordering food for subway food is easy for all users. You can visit the website for processing your order or use the application of the subway which is available on android or iOS.

As discussed above the order can be processed using the website as a guest or a member.

If you want to order the food from the app, the registration is compulsory for it. The subway app is available country-wise as well.

How to get the subway app?

Some people are confused about the subway application and how to download it. The application is readily available on the app store and the interface of the app is easy.

You can easily register by providing your credentials or log in if you already have an account on the platform.

The registration for the subway application and the website is the same. You don’t need to register for them separately; registration for one of them is fine.

You can use the same credentials to log in to the other platform.  The same information can be used to log in for the subcard website and check your balance or perform other activities that are authorized.

You can log in for it and check the reward balance from these platforms. The user name on these platforms is always an email address. The passwords for these accounts are those which you confirm at the time of the registration.

Can you change the password?

The password is provided for the security of the account. It is recommended by the platform to change the password after a certain time to ensure security.

You can easily change the password by visiting the online portal provided to the users. When you visit the login portal of the account, click on the button of the forget/change password. They will ask a few security questions from the user before changing the passwords.

The password can be changed by visiting the website of the subcard website. It has the same options and the same procedures for changing the password. Follow the prompts and you can change the password of the account.

The passwords are case sensitive so keep this thing in mind before changing the password or while logging in. When you are changing the password makes sure that the caps locks are off.

What if you forget the password?

Don’t worry if you forget the password, you are provided the option to change the password. However, they do ask some security questions before you change the password.

The link is available on the log in page of the website, enter the email address. The email is sent to your email which contains the confirmation code. This confirmation code will help you reset the password.

How to link the Subcard to the ordering account?

Subway allows the users to link the subcard with the subway online ordering account. When you sign up for the account, the virtual card is also provided this can be connected.

The virtual card is provided to all the users on registering the account, if they are already using a physical Subcard, they can connect it with this account.

The merging of the Subcard either virtual or the physical card is possible by calling the dedicated numbers available on the website. They will ask for the simple information and connect the card with your account.

How to collect rewards of the subway Subcard?

Some people are confused about how to collect the reward dollars from the subway. The rewards are automatically collected in the Subcard.

These rewards are automatically sent to your account and can be used on future orders from these platforms. The same reward system applies to in-restaurant purchases. You can swipe the card and get different rewards from them.

Can the gift card used for an online order?

Subway gift card is often used for the purchase of the online order as well. The subcard is needed to be linked with the subway accounts. You can link the gift card balance as well with the subcard account.

The linking of the account is easy but you need to register for it. You can link the account with the card right after registering for the card and use it later for ordering food.

If you have more than two cards, you can merge them as well with each other. The merge cards functionality is available for the subcard.

If you have the rewards in your account, provide the account number while ordering the food online.


In short, the subway is fully facilitating the customers and making sure that they enjoy the best in every term. They can order food from their stores and enjoy the beautiful vicinity and at the same time order from them online.

They made it easy for the customers to order the food as a guest as well. However, if you sign up for the account, they will get additional perks for it. They provide virtual and physical sub cards to the users which can be used for the purchases.

Additionally, if someone has the card they get rewards on purchase of every single dollar. The rewards earned from the food orders can be used for the next order. This reward system helps them save a good amount of money and enjoy subway food at the same time.

The registration process is not difficult at all and the users just need to visit the website of the subway and provide the basic information and register for it. In short, it is easy to register for an account on the subway and get additional perks from them if you are a fan of the subway.

Your subway

Subway has always facilitated the customers by bringing in different offers for them. There is no alternative to subway food. Now they are even facilitating the customers to order food online from them.

What else do you expect from the subway franchises as they are now allowing customers to order food online from them? The reward system and the perks introduced for the members or the subcard are also amazing. These perks are helping customers in different ways.

Register for the card and get the membership from them to enjoy all the perks mentioned above. In short, they are not only making the best food for the customers, but they also make sure that the food is delivered to the doors of the person.

Your subway store is ready to facilitate you in different ways, do check their food and leave your reviews about it in the comments below.